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 Make Peace With Your Critical Self and Heal Nervous, Habitual, Obsessive, Compulsive Skin Picking
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Habit Reversal Procedures - Habit Competition

The essential feature of the habit reversal process is to employee a response of some kind that competes with the habit. Simply put, when you are driven to do your bad habit Ė do something else instead. For example, for someone with a nervous muscle tic, they simply focus their energy on a simple muscle isometric someplace else within their body whenever the tics appear. A vocal stutter might be compensated by deep concentrated breathing. A bad habit could be stopped by snapping a rubber band on your wrist every time you get the urge to pick.

For me, writing this book was a lifesaver. It helped keep my mind off of picking and gave me something else to distract myself with until my picking habit was broken. I became obsessive in writing it. It's like when you have a song running through your head that you can't get rid of. The best cure is to start humming another song when the annoying one enters your brain. Eventually your brain forgets the original song and you are released from the cycle.

It is important for you to focus your thoughts, energy and love on something else that can become more important to you. Develop a new hobby, or take up an old loved hobby. Choose something that takes detail and attention.

Gardening is an exceptional cure for habitual picking, especially when you weed, because of all of the satisfying pulling and cleansing you do to the ground. I canít recommend it highly enough.

Knitting and crocheting and embroidery all keep your hand busy. Crafting jewelry can be very satisfying with the manipulation of metal wires and threading beads. Miniatures or dollhouses take lots of attention, so build a little dream room for yourself.

If you donít feel artistic, then join a dance class. The self expressive movement of dance will feel very therapeutic, is good exercise, and it will force you to get face to face with other people on a regular basis - youíll just have to stop picking for that. If you really donít like to dance, at least join a gym and start an easy workout program. Donít set yourself up for failure though. Commit yourself to only one day a week at first and see how that goes. Itís so easy to say youíll go at least 3 times a week and then not be able to do it, so you donít go at all and then you end up guilty and more depressed. Set smaller achievable goals.


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