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Body Dysmorphic Disorder - And Finally… Acne Excoriee… Face Picking

Nervous, obsessive, compulsive, and habitual picking is not just the result of responding to an unbalanced physical situation, but a response to a deeper unbalance of the spirit. It is a dis-ease with the self that compels us to ‘do something’ to ourselves to fix it.

The medical term for picking at one’s face is "Acne Excoriee" literally meaning picked pimples which comes from "Acne Excoriee des Jeunes Filles" literally translating from the French to mean “acne created by young girls.” It was titled so because of the abundance of young girls who ‘fiddle’ with or aggravate their skin to the point where they cause major problems where there were only minor problems or even no problems at all. The result is scabs and various ulcerations usually on the front of the face. And interestingly enough, the habit of skin picking is far more prevalent among women then men.

When this habit of picking is taken to the extreme on other parts of the body it is termed Neurotic Excoriations or “Picker's Nodules”. The name explains it what it is, but fails to express how painful and debilitating this disease can be. Self inflicted or self aggravated open sores and scabs appearing all over the body are not uncommon. Neurotic Excoriations usually begin with a chronic fungal skin infection or Lichen Simplex Cronicus. When the scabs fail to heal in a timely manner , the patient feels a irrepresible need to pick off the scabs feeling it is better to live with the open sores than the scabs. Sometimes it is felt that the wounds will heal better if the scabs are picked off. This is not an uncommon feeling in the case of Acne Excoriee des Jeunes Filles as well.

Acne Excoriee is recognizable because the lesions left behind from picking have a pronounced look to them. The upper and lower epidermis are usually scraped off leaving raw looking scrapes and flat lesions of hyperpigmentation.


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