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 Make Peace With Your Critical Self and Heal Nervous, Habitual, Obsessive, Compulsive Skin Picking
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SPOM! Stop Picking On Me!TM

Make Peace With Yourself and Heal Nervous Habitual Obsessive Compulsive Skin Picking

The website is for skin pickers: those who pick at their faces, pick at pimples, pick at cuticles, pick at split ends pick at in-grown hairs or pick at scabs. (It would address lip peeling and nail biting as well). The website addresses the problem of Compulsive and Self Injurious Skin Picking (SISP).

17 million Americans over the age of 18 suffer from acne. Studies show that roughly 4% of college students and 2% of patients who seek the help of dermatologists suffer with the affliction and women outnumber the men 8 to 1. Drugstore shelves are filled with products specifically geared towards adult woman who breakout. The audience for this webite may actually be quite a bit larger than statistics due to the taboo nature of the habit; people are less likely to admit they have a problem with skin picking as opposed to having a drinking problem. It is very insidious.

Currently the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders, the written authority on psychiatric disorders, doesn't have a specific accepted "name" for the condition yet. But that does not mean there are not thousands and thousands of people who suffer from skin picking.

The affliction currently goes by several different names:

  • Neurotic Excoriations
  • Acne Excoriee
  • Psychogenic Excoriations
  • Dermatillomania
  • Compulsive Skin Picking (CSP)
  • Psychodermotosis
  • Self Injurious Skin Picking (SISP)

    The website presents information in a friendly, matter of fact way from the perspective of one who has suffered and conquered the same affliction. If offers strength, hope and love for the reader. It provides reliable background information as well as specific approaches and steps the reader can take to conquer their problem.

    Good luck and you CAN stop!!!

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